Tuesday, July 30, 2013

hard is a nasty word...

This blog about Words replaces the opinionated blog, momma don't got no clothes, that I had to delete, because I have another blog comforttotravel@less$ , and, Google's blogger policy mandates a new Google e-mail account for each blog.  So, now I've opened a new gmail account, and now, I'm once again trying to blog about words, and I am giving my blog audience the same "momma don't got no clothes" opinionated viewpoint about the words that I pick to talk about.
This word, "hard," illustrates the difficulty I had navigating Goggle's "nerdy" rule policy—to this writer who uses the left side of her brain these Google powers lack logic, yet they  utilize what I like to call the "nerdy" right side of the brain, which has a logic all its own.  Regardless, the "nerdy" logical isn't logical to my left side creative brain.
Another meaning for this nasty word, "hard," is, not easily penetrated and not yielding—other meanings include the various expressions used with hard, for instance, liquor, salts, etc.  The word, "hard," also indicates firmness, which could have a punitive result, and that is why I think the word, "hard," is a nasty word.
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