Monday, December 23, 2013

that word kerfuffle is a 21 century word...

This end of year 2013 features the international and domestic USA kerfuffle, from a not politically correct "ducks dynasty" patriarch, to the USA named for this President universal "Health Care" roll out, and predictions of more than a disaster yet coming for this new "Health Care" yet in a 2014 kerfuffle of unsigned young healthys who are avoiding insurance which is the opposite to the sick and infirm who are clamoring and signing up for their new better insurance.

It's sure to be more of a kerfuffle when according to some the guarantee in this 200 page plus law includes a guarantee to the health care insurance providers that USA taxpayers will pay to bail them out when  all the sick and old very sick take up all the premiums with no healthys to prop them up—and that was a run on mouthful.

This is a major disturbance ongoing and coming up, but there's also a fuss about the NSA spying on allies amidst a clamor from civil rights advocates, plus such strange bedfellows like Oregon's Udall and Rand Paul, please, it's noisy when some prominents who are part of the big money in Silicon Valley are doing a cacophony chorus with the notorious Google who collects everyone who has private data with such impunity, and theYahoo that still spies on my e-mails with notices that my session is timed out, also Facebook that uses friends' data to put on ads that speak to their likes, gosh, it's a din that fuddles me.

By now it is obvious that a kerfuffle is of British origin, and is opposite to calm,  peace,  and tranquility—though when you go back in history and find out that their empire building was the building of states with no rhyme or reason that are now doing worldwide jihad in countries with ethnics at war with each other—and when they, the Brits decided to dissolve their ownership, the rest of the world was left with the mess of more than a kerfuffle.

As I've noted before words and meanings have meaning to our 21st century of daily uncertainty, be it the weather or something that evades the control of a global society, and I don't know about you, but for me that makes life less than than tranquil.

Monday, December 9, 2013

the world is somnolent

This word, somnolent, has such a ringing sound that it's easy to believe this is a word of action toward matters of great importance.

Though in truth, that word is lacking any action, it's like death has come and the world is too tired to care.  That the world is somnolent, and now sleep comes as the worst of suffering nears, the world is engaged in material considerations, the toys, the "bling" of the rich who have so much they are indolent, but they wake up fast enough if someone takes what they covet as theirs.

We all live in a time that is somnolent, it's a "let's kick the can down the road," and thus the world sleeps until the explosions hit the prestigious wherever they call home, then the somnolent who are reveling do sound the alarm, and it's loud enough to wake up the world.

That's when we'll have a war, but I think this time the global society will become somnolent because everyone will be blown up, and it will a time for an eternal sleep from which a somnolent world will never wake up. 

I've sounded the doomsday horn, but we are now a Western civilized world that craves fantasy in our action films, literature with dragons and heroes that can surmount all obstacles, let's bring back an awakened global society that tends to its own nation by nation rebuilding, and mend our own fences before we seek to rebuild what is not ours.

The word somnolent will never signal action, it's a state that the world has to avoid.