Friday, June 16, 2023

In 2023 the noun words, Emperor, clothes, and parable defining an "Emperor With No Clothes"

In my previous "Emperor With No Clothes" post, years ago, I didn't do the words and meanings thorough research to examine how the definition is affected.
As I mentioned in other posts, nouns are always more important in a redefinition oriented 21st century, but the words and meaning of an "Emperor With No Clothes" "parable" educates this 2023's applicables, since each noun word taken separately, is an ID for an "Emperor With No Clothes."
If taken separately, to a much earlier time, the word "parable" should be part of defining the meaning of "Emperor"  and "clothes."
Although it is only in 2023 I find it necessary to include the noun "parable, therefore, I have included more "parable" definitions, since this word "parable" has a "literary" connection, too.
And now, the words and meanings of the total expression, "Emperor With No Clothes," will certainly make the significance of this expression stand out as an identifier of the year 2023's main stream media's use of headlines used specifically, to separate points of views in the approach to the 2024 election.

"To sum up, an "Emperor With No Clothes," may symbolize much more in this nation's history as a republic.