Monday, December 7, 2020

21st century of words wielded as weapons

 A friend of mine sent me an interesting link, a history of words, and it's a mute point as to whether words are used any differently as they were when words became a form of communication, the Bible to inform and indoctrinate the masses into belief or disbelief, then came the advent of a better prosperity for the masses, those ant workers who toiled for their betters, and words were use for a form of entertainment, and so we've progressed to this 21st century.

What's happened?  Is anything new about how words are used, I say yes, now words are weapons of misinformation, was it like this ever before, yes in the 1920's, sadly there was the Hurst journalism empire of YELLOW journalists, we were sold so easily on the Spanish American War, our great hero Teddy galloped up on his horse to win for America, but the win was trumped up?  Yes, we can use that word TRUMPED, it's a word used so often now, certainly this link        will someday, carry that word, and it's a matter of conjecture whether an Editor with a bias will come to purloin that word as a dirty epithet to fling at those who aren't marching and standing to be sheared like lambs for their betters.

I say, t's a bleak outlook for words, perhaps if those in charge have their way, the next generation worldwide will be unable to read, the lock downs of the virus have effectively halved the fortunate into the unfortunate who are not privy to internet all day and all night, they aren't able to understand online, those zoom classes become more mysterious every day, what a wonderful idea of doing what was needed to be done to bring all but a few fortunate to their knees.  

Nevertheless, I will continue my word commentary to be a voice for those who aren't able to say what they think for fear of a digital record never erases, this a time to speak, I encourage everyone to speak out with words of rage!  NOW or it will be too late to reclaim our freedom to speak and say what we think in words that express the need for joining together to protect our right to SPEAK!