Friday, January 6, 2023

Has the word "history" been redefined by POV politics?

In 2021 and 2022, I presented a disturbing trend about certain words that are no longer applicable to a dictionary defined meaning.   
What does that say about the influences that make for new definitions of familiar words? 
If I cannot answer this question without inserting my personal opinion, then perhaps the onset of this early 21st century can proceed, and soon, we will advance into a tranquil and soothing mid-century when all the angst if the earlier times are settled and prosperity in our nation reigns?  
Yet questions beget questions.
If setting out a personal POV is my only avenue to offer an answer, then I can say, politics has played into changing definitions, but then if this is true, my sense of the permanency of words and meaning is entirely shaken.  And I can think as well, if there are no guarantees about anything, words & meanings are now variables that are subject to the powers in charge.  
Thus, history is a variable that can change, too.
Depending on the narrative and who examines the event, the new definition is defined by the most powerful in government currently in charge.  
And everyone knows that a so-called red wave didn't arrive in this new year 2023.