Saturday, March 29, 2014

ambivalence is global

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As for the word ambivalence, this is a great word to describe what is happening today in the global world of nations.  Sadly more are concerned with their own affairs, though when other countries act against the world order of things most countries may protest with words, but they behave with ambivalence, and their uncertainty as to which direction to follow is the pertinent definition of this word that also means:  simultaneous
and contradictory action.

The word ambivalence has a shrugging off sound, even an iffy intonation in a sentence that does convey the meaning, and this word was first used in 1909, the origin is from the International Scientific Vocabulary.  And  history tells a telling tale:  World War I was on the horizon and it started with a dispute between 2 countries, but then the dispute got out of hand, and the world became involved.

The problem with the world order of things is that other kinds of interdependence between nations may result in ambivalence when it comes to declaring a loud and clear "no" to any violators of what is not accepted between countries.

Time will tell whether the nations of the world can practice ambivalence about those kinds of unacceptable behaviors.

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