Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Is "paradigm" a word synonymous with thought persuasion??? Is thought persuasion propaganda?


Talking points" are sent out by to the main stream media crafted to persuade  in all areas of thought.  And investigative journalism highlights editorial policy.  It's not a new concept, but is a "political" POV "creating" special paradigms even in science?

Historically, we can still remember that Adolf Hitler's paradigms were crafted by Heinrich Himmler, and Joseph Goebbels issued "talking points" propaganda.  Marxist theory is a paradigm that depends on the Marxist theory of communication.  In the 21st century educators are using POV courses to "persuade" and "change" in every area, with cleverly crafted paradigms. 
           Even more ominous, in the 21st  century "algorithms" are the technical "paradigms" social media uses and "propaganda" pervades the Internet.  Be aware, or better yet, beware!            Don't trust, verify, so advised the most famous communicator POTUS, Ronald Reagan, he knew all about the propaganda of "talking points." 

Your mind is in jeopardy when you are unaware of how you  service directions that are not always clearly delineated.  I suggest testing your opinions by seeking other points of view.  Find out if what they say is "opinion" or "provable with real facts."  






* PLEASE NOTE:        

Lest I be considered an insurrectionist or a domestic terrorist, in this post and succeeding posts, I do not intend to run afoul of those in charge of "truth and accuracy" in this era of crimes against the state.  Nonetheless, I am asking questions until I am told I am not allowed to ask any questions.  Currently there is no official source to query re whether a question is approved by a "reality/truth committee."


It is my understanding that the host of this blog, Google,  has announced a ban on YouTube for speech that would create  a "conflict."  I am not certain about what Google feels is not in the best interest of their policy and the public policy, however, I do hope that Google launches a "badge" program to show that published blogspot posts have been approved, then like a Good Housekeeping Seal I can proudly display it.