Sunday, April 16, 2023

The meaning of the word "chaos" and application to a general theory

No matter how you slice "chaos" the word, a noun, is about an outright general disorder, that may or may not be based on the "chaos theory."
And if you want to know what the "chaos theory" is, I've researched it, the theory is applied to the universe as a malfunction in the computation of various unknown mathematics, that may or may not have the universal solution to the entire theory as it may not be stated is so currently, but this is an abyss in an original universe that had no order, therefore, all is still in disorder.   
All of the aforementioned sounds like a lawyer parsing words to achieve a certain legal innocence to a bogus charge, or so says a defendant when launching a defense against a prosecutor who expects to prove without a reasonable doubt that the charge as leveled to the grand jury is correct.
 Perhaps the best interpretation of the noun, chaos, is a general unease that all is not as it is supposed to be.
 More importantly, the noun chaos may appear to suggest there is no certainty, since all is based on a universal chaos theory that is an acknowledged abyss.
 And when we apply the noun, chaos, to the world, as it is increasingly uncertain whether the likelihood of nations of people who know anything about issues that suggest the opposite of what the issue is about, the problem is that uncertainty creates confusion, and confusion creates the worst of consequences, that for some reason isn't yet apparently clear to the world as to how close "chaos" comes to falling into the abyss.

Thus chaos is a condition that exists prior to falling into a vast emptiness, or worse, that what happens is the emptiness, a worst of outcomes, i.e. the 4 horseman riding, the collapse of government, the idea that of each person out for themselves, a Hobbes world that precedes the collapse of humanity into some kind of bestiality.