Monday, November 20, 2023

The 21st century intertwined use of the noun word "perspective" and the word "morality"

     In the course of completing my research for this November wordsplusmeanings blogspot post, I was surprised to find that a high school had published the most informative article regarding the noun word "perspective" when discussing history.
     So what can determine your "perspective" regarding history and everything that affects you?
     Now here is what Google says:  "...a system of values, normative rules, or principles according to which intentions or behaviors are judged to be good or bad, right or wrong. Such judgment can arise from cultural, religious, or philosophical beliefs."
     In this 21st century, the noun word "perspective"  is important in every phase of our lives, from health to politics to our environment - the main thing to remember regarding the noun word "perspective" is that it is essentially someone's opinion.  And what counts is who is marshaling the "perspective," and who is proclaiming that a particular "perspective" is correct.
     Nonetheless, in this 21st century sadly facts can be cherry picked for a certain "perspective," too, but my research has determined the noun word "morality" is intertwined with the noun word "perspective" – it's a compass of sorts, a determination of what is "right" and what is "wrong."
     Thus, my research has determined "perspective" intertwined with "morality" will affect the way you live your life.
     Some will say that there are measures of "morality," but laws in the civilized world do not allow citizens to kill each other, and civilized nations do not allow grievance to justify inhuman acts, like raping, torture – that's the "moral compass" that guides "perspective."
     In conclusion, a "moral compass" is what guides civilization, and keeps us from returning to the dark ages.




Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The many forms of the word "variable" = "manipulate"


     I have discovered that the word "variable" is a very important word to define, but then I was not a good math student, yet living in the state of New York required me to pass the Geometry and Algebra regents to receive an Academic High School degree, which provided me with a leg up so to speak to apply to Ivy League universities.
     Perhaps that's why I was surprised to find out that there is a way to change the "factual" percentages of numbers.
     Although, I am using the word "manipulate" as a separate word, there is such a thing called "manipulated variable" which is quite common in the scientific community  There can also be "variable" numbers that determine what some claim is a fact, mainly, regarding the numbers released by  the US Department of Commerce that determines our nation's GDP and what the FED uses to determine whether or not to raise interest rates to flight inflation.
     You might ask, why should everyone care about defining a mostly mathematically used word?
     The reason is that in the year 2024 in most state months where early voting can be months before November 11 there will be an election.
     One of the candidates touts his "Bidenomics is working, and all the opposing candidates who are Republicans claim Bidenomics is a huge failure.
     From what I've determined,. certain popular food items are being "manipulated" for profit by the food industry, and this is the consequence of inflationary variables, which illustrates why this word "variable" and the meaning can determine whether you can afford to buy what you need to stay healthy.   
     For instance, in the New York state capital where I live, I just went food shopping today, and at a supermarket store that has competitive prices, I just paid $7.99 for a pint of fresh blueberries from the nation of Peru which is a recipient of the PTPA treaty which allows for duty free imports into the USA.  Although the frozen blueberries are cheaper, I found out that those frozen blueberries were not usable unless I am making a blueberry pie/tart or jam.
     Is it legal to "manipulate" a factual variable?
     Be assured the answer is yes, and it's done with all sorts of so-called factual economic figures that correlate with whether or not you are feeling the pinch in your pocketbook these days.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

In the 21st century the meaning of the word "philosophical" leads to the word philosophy

     The attention to the word "philosophy" is what attaches to the "all" of our 21st century culture, and the fact that the essence of the definition of "philosophy" is used in conjunction with a desirable outcome to express wisdom, gives the correct definition to whatever is the desired outcome.
     Of course the word "philosophy" embodies the best of the "philosophical" approaches to define the outcome that is expected to be the accepted norm.
     Oddly, definitions are what had interested the greatest minds for many centuries, and whatever the definition, a "philosophical" intent can be attached to the conceptual outcome, which connotes wisdom beyond all other things, however, there is an all encompassing special meaning to a definition that has a specified wisdom to impart whenever that particular word is used in a philosophical context.
     Nonetheless, the noun word "philosophy" can define a separate entity in itself.
     Thus, there is a "philosophy" of science, for instance, or pick any particular basic field in itself, whatever it is, there is a "philosophy" with a "philosophical" approach to define wisdom in that field of study.
     And the noun "philosophy" contributes to much of what the 21st century cultural foundation is all about.
     My research has determined that I must keep the noun "philosophy" in mind whenever I access the currently accepted direction of where a country and its leaders are leading.