Saturday, December 9, 2023

Is the meaning of the noun word "trust" bifurcated?

     My research for the noun word "trust" tells me that in 2023 this is a very bifurcated word.
     And for most when we hear the word "trust" the first definition that comes to mind is "believe or "confidence, however, Oxford Dictionaries indicates there is also the need to believe or have confidence there is someone who will deliver that "trust" when needed.
     Moreover, as I've noted in many previous words and meanings posts over the past many years since 2013, "noun" words are more "meaningful" than other parts of speech.
     Nonetheless, well known magazines like THE ATLANTIC are encouraging articles about the noun word "trust" to make note of the fact that lower levels of trust is devastating America, but there is a suspicion the global world is affected too.  As well, so do institutions and even charities suffer the same suspicion that there isn't a reliable deliverer of "trust" to depend on.
     Therefore, I used the descriptive word bifurcated to indicate that the meaning of a word reflects our recent experience, and from what I've determined the sense of "trust" is at an all time low in every way, and in every facet of global society.

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