Monday, November 21, 2016

CHOKE, CHOKED: a 21st century version


   Call this 21 st century a century of words perversion.
   For instance, a simple meaning for choke means "to become unable to breathe usually because something gets stuck in your throat."
   Also the word, choke, has another entirely different meaning as a part of the automobile that regulates the fuel of an automobile.
   The synonyms for this noun are: gag, retch, cough

   The word choke becomes the "choked" version in the 21st century, is a transitive verb.
   For instance, "to grip (as a baseball bat) some distance from the end of the handle —usually used with up."
   Closest in the political sense, the word choked, was popularized by the plain spoken POTUS-elect of 2016 in a derogative description of the 2012 Republican candidate.  The same word was used by Hillary Clinton during a contentious debate with the now POTUS-elect.
   All in all, the perversion of words in this 21st century reference use of words for other than simple meanings for words converted to any situation not considered in another era.
   For instance, in the case of the POTUS-elect, according to a recent TV special the sport of baseball was played well enough to be considered by a scout for a major baseball team.

   The progressive of words and meanings becomes a 21st century fact as the world becomes less predictable, and like everything else, change of meanings of words is all we can count on.