Thursday, March 14, 2024

In the 21st century are "republic" and "democracy" redefined?

     The reason the 2024 vote is so important to the current administration can be understood since the defining the two noun words "republic" and "democracy" notes the difference.
     So what is the difference?
    The very definition of the noun word "democracy" includes addressing the vote.  And in most instances, a contextual summary of the methods under which the vote has a supreme significance in the "democracy" definition, becomes more apparent from the research I've done.  One of my research websites gives an insight into how US History offers a historical context to those two noun words, "republic" and "democracy."
    My research has determined that a "republic" defined has a reference to our Constitution, in that our founders didn't intend a "democracy"—our founders considered the 13 states could be overwhelmed by the tyranny of the "democracy" mob.
    It is my belief we are at a crossroads when it comes to what direction, "republic" or "democrat" our nation will chose.
    The choice of a "democracy" according to my research depends on capitalizing the early voting process, especially with the ensuing mail out of ballots to all who have drivers licenses, but not necessarily a drivers license that would be accepted as an ID at Federal facility.  The aforementioned mass sending out of voting ballots will take place in many states who do not require voter ID.  As well in some states the procedure called ballot harvesting is legal and early voting for the 2024 general election in some states like North Carolina begins October 17, 2024.
     Thus the process of  turning our vote toward a "democracy" vote prolonged process will ensue, because there is no federal law that could make our elections and decision as to who is elected and decided without a court decision.  No matter who wins they could have a series of legal challenges, especially for the Presidency, that could bring the election results into mid-2025.
    I urge you to read my research sources to understand why this particular 2024 election will determine whether we stay a "republic" or become a "democracy."