Monday, January 11, 2021



PLEASE NOTE:           

Let I be considered an insurrectionist or a domestic terrorist.  In this post and succeeding posts in this era of crimes against the state, I am asking questions. 

I have no opinions. 

It is my understanding that the host of this blog, Google,  has announced a ban on YouTube for speech that would create  a conflict.  I am not certain about what Google feels is not in the best interest of their policy and the public policy.

I do hope that Google launches a "badge" program to show that published blogspot posts have been approved, then like a Good Housekeeping Seal I can proudly display it.


Here's a pertinent article that directly addresses the "why" of "words"—according to an article a friend sent me from the Smithsonian Magazine about words, more than 3000 years ago the first people who were interested in using words couldn't read.  As I read it, the Smithsonian Magazine claims these persons were communicating about the hieroglyphics they saw on the wall of a cave.


QUESTION:  Why were they interested?

ANSWER: The writer of this article about words noted that these people had never seen anything like it.


Again referencing this article about words, here are a series of "word" questions, or questions "about using words"

Does this mean that all people need to communicate about what they see around them?

Could communication about an event or crime be construed as giving an opinion about it?


Here are more questions that I don't have an answer to, but I know if I look online for certain topics, like current events, I'll find a an opinion about that current event.  :

Are words a source of power?

Can words be used to hurt, demean, injure a person's reputation, influence, cause financial ruin?


And the list of questions about words goes on, in my post next month there will be more "questions" about words.

Does everyone ask questions about certain topics. 

Are "words" are a very important topic.

Do words and their meanings vary according to the topic under discussion?

What if questions aren't allowed by the 46th 0elected President and the duly elected representatives who ascribe to the 46th POTUS and his views if  he considers asking questions seditious and domestic terrorism, and at odds with the laws enacted by members of his political party?