Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Rallying words

   Even prior to the 21st century rallying words were important, for instance in France the word solidarity was and still is used for the public to support the national interest, like the process of striking, and to allow the unions to walk out even when public transportation and basic services were curtailed, all with government sponsorship.
   Now in this contentious US 2018 partisan tribal politics making use of certain rallying words by political parties bring out certain groups to support their causes.
   For example, when addressing the intended audience to persuade for the purpose of becoming members of their political party, the Democrats use the words racist, homophobic, to address the issues that are part and parcel of their stated political concerns.
   The Republicans use the words socialist, leftist to disparage persons that are not in sync with the political views of those who do not aspire to join in support of the party’s view of the national good.

   What is most disturbing to me is the fact that globally and in the US, the political parties and politicians are not interested in having a national discussion about issues that are concerning many voters.
   The political parties and politicians encourage voters to discard the dictionary meaning of the rallying words they use.
   Global politicians no matter what the country use rallying words like dog whistles to bring the like minded together.
   Rallying words used by political parties and politicians in the US makes for the climate of a political divide that is becoming polarizing and spurring hatred, even violence against anyone who is on the opposite political spectrum.

   Yet, what is reassuring to me is that history shows the early part of a century mires the world in a series of upheavals.
   Violence and polarization is part of the historical context and small wars caused by countries that are seeking to expand economically, then finally a global war of sorts that align countries with similar economic interests to dominate the world.
   Oddly, terror is a tactic used throughout the millenniums, and it’s usually part of the realigning for the civilizations that seek world dominance.

   Using US history as my guide, I feel comfortable in making some US political assessments, if not outright predictions.
   When it comes to the current 2018 US political divide, many depend on polls, movements of women joined together to achieve a certain political result, LGBT’s push for recognition, the racial divide, but I chose to look at what has historically happened in the US.
   Our nation has overcome this and even a civil war, I have faith that our system of democracy will survive.
   Democracy survives when voters use their vote wisely.