Monday, July 5, 2021

Exploring the words "rules" and "regulations" in the "subjective" 

I am just asking questions about these words, "rules" and "regulations." 

Here's a question:  can "rules" and "regulations" be interpreted "subjectively"

And here's another question:  why would a "subjective" interpretation matter?


     When it comes to words and meanings, all I can do is show the "accepted dictionary" meaning for each particular word that I entitle as the subject of this blog. 

    And if you read the hyperlink reference, you can understand why it makes a big difference when I own a business, for instance if the local or state of federal government is questioning my license, or ability to do my business and continue to operate as a business.

   Or, I'm in a Court, where I may be prosecuted for not observing the specific "rule" or "regulation" that the government claims I have violated.  Or, the IRS is auditing me for not observing a specific IRS code in my tax filing, and the IRS points to the regulation.  

And one more question:  is a "subjective" interpretation injurious to the essence of the "why" of making "rules" and "regulations"?

      Only you can answer the questions I ask.

    May I suggest, that if you and others are unhappy about the use of the "subjective" interpretation of a particular "rule" and "regulation" it's up to you to use the tools of our Republic to remedy the situation.  If you do not care enough to use the courts OR your vote, to remedy the situation you find objectionable, then it's your fault when you are a victim and "subjected" to a "rule" or "regulation," that isn't what it seems, when you read it.


* PLEASE NOTE:        

Lest I be considered an insurrectionist or a domestic terrorist, in this post and succeeding posts, I do not intend to run afoul of those in charge of "truth and accuracy" in this era of crimes against the state.  Nonetheless, I am asking questions until I am told I am not allowed to ask any questions.  Currently there is no official source to query re whether a question is approved by a "reality/truth committee."


It is my understanding that the host of this blog, Google,  has announced a ban on YouTube for speech that would create  a "conflict."  I am not certain about what Google feels is not in the best interest of their policy and the public policy, however, I do hope that Google launches a "badge" program to show that published blogspot posts have been approved, then like a Good Housekeeping Seal I can proudly display it.