Sunday, July 9, 2023

In the 21st century comes the joining of 2 words "psychology" and "manipulate/manipulation"

The importance of knowing the meaning of words has become more than ever a necessary to interpret the news of the day.
You might ask, "Why should I care?"
Words are the means used to shape our point of view about everything we experience, what we see, what may be taking place in the world, how you are affected may be most important, all of this is told to us using words, and words in English shape even those who speak and talk in other languages.
Currently, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is the core if the English language, but some 88 countries and territories use English in their official communications.
For the meaning of the words "psychology" and "manipulate/manipulation" I found a natural joining of those words.
Especially when it comes to our point of view about the world's current events, reading or hearing about the world in which we live on a daily basis is the source of our perceptions about events, and the 21st century means of communication is with words plus the visual.  When you are being manipulated to do something, the psychological manipulates your reaction, and when it comes to an election to change the direction of a country, there are sophisticated and specially trained individuals who appear as authority figures to advise a desired course of action.
Be wary, do your own spade work to understand the issues.
The words and meaning of "psychology and "manipulate/manipulation" are essential to your understanding about the news of the day.