Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The meaning of the words "Play By the Rules" has been redefined

In 2024 and beyond the US may be a 1-party rule country because the words "play by the rules" are misunderstood by the Republicans, who are as usual preparing for voting on election day, November 8, but the GOP doesn't realize the meaning of those words have been redefined.
My research has revealed the redefined definition of the words "play by the rules."  
In all states now both Democrats and Republicans prefer voting by "absentee ballot" and the earlier the better.  "Early voting" begins in some states some 3 months prior to November 8, and in most states at least 1 month prior to November 8.   
The Democrats redefined the words "play by the rules." And the way most Americans now prefer to vote  is by "absentee ballot."  To make sure that the "absentee ballot" is received before November 8, most Americans send their "absentee ballot" out as soon as they get it.  Many states are now sending "absentee ballots" to everyone listed on their voting list.  If some states have not bothered to cull their voters listed even dead people are getting ballots.  If a state doesn't require an ID, then someone who is at the address of the dead person can send in the ballot with the name of the dead person.    
Currently only the Democrat candidates running for political office thoroughly understand the redefined words "play by the rules."  
Unless the Republican candidates for political office are aware that the words "play by the rules" have been redefined, in 2024 and beyond the US is headed for 1 ruling political  party rule.