Thursday, April 22, 2021

Are we in the media era of a "subjective point of view"


My blog this April is short, words do matter, words have different meanings, we are in charge of what we want to discover in the dictionary.  I ask you to get on the Internet to ask questions, I did and the articles I found (see the links below) tells me that once more, as we were during the early 20th century, journalism is all the more so the weapon of words to sway your thoughts.

In this time of a pandemic everyone searches for the news to determine their economic fates, news alerts us to crime and more.

It is impossible to live in this time of uncertainty without seeking out what is happening in your own community, to remain safe and secure, the journalism you seek determines your fate.  However, I cannot give you the answer to my topic question, it depends on your political point of view, today everyone can take a side, but there is a prevailing opinion expressed by the powers that are in charge today of the main stream media, and if you do not accept what you are told, you must use the digital tools of the Internet to determine otherwise. 

* PLEASE NOTE:        

Lest I be considered an insurrectionist or a domestic terrorist, in this post and succeeding posts, I do not intend to run afoul of those in charge of "truth and accuracy" in this era of crimes against the state.  Nonetheless, I am asking questions until I am told I am not allowed to ask any questions.  Currently there is no official source to query re whether a question is approved by a "reality/truth committee."


It is my understanding that the host of this blog, Google,  has announced a ban on YouTube for speech that would create  a "conflict."  I am not certain about what Google feels is not in the best interest of their policy and the public policy, however, I do hope that Google launches a "badge" program to show that published blogspot posts have been approved, then like a Good Housekeeping Seal I can proudly display it.