Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Another glass is half full blog: 2018 most meaningless words

   As the end of this tumult-filled year approaches I am more distressed than usual about the misuse of words & meanings adapted to fit some print and cable media views, that point vastly in favor of our glass is half empty.
   As the definition of values notes, this is a most subjective word and validates my frustration about using this somewhat “everybody’s” word to talk about whatever political hatchet the writer is wielding to make the point.
   I say find a better word to make your point OR better yet, stop using this most useless in the past decade word, values.

   Since I used the implication of a significant number of words that are most meaningless, I am compelled to add another, although I am only commenting about this cross use of words to be a talking point for political gain and glory, in disgust about everyone’s “in power” commentary corruption, now extending to words and meanings, deliberately tailored to fit into a political trope of oeuvre.

   Another meaningless foray into the subjective of discourse that dominates the political reportage, of various hate and destroy politics factions aimed at power-grabbing the highest office in this USA land in 2020, is the word lie.
   Oddly, this lie word is defined peculiarly too.
   Lie is defined by its grammatical distinction, either a verb, noun, or intransitive verb, and thus this word is so subjective that media advantages the noun as if this is the only definition, and thus makes it apparent that in this 21st century, the norm of respect for words and meanings is another “gone girl” or “gone boy” or “gone LGBTQ,” is written proof that I have done homage to the wise elites who demand I write only in politically correct verbiage.
   If I don’t do what the powers want, then my blog platform will be obliterated by this obliging host.

   Now I can tell you the oft imaginary reader of my preceding vent that I am not angry.
   I am disgusted and feel forced to watch “romance” themed movies on the Hallmark channel, even though I know this fictional wishful thinking about the reality, isn’t about humanity’s inevitable progress toward the Roman age of ennui.
   The so-called “Huns” who were illiterate and invading that did destroy the Romans was produced by cultural excess in the worst of pursuits toward pleasure, no mater how disgusting and perverted, once again subjectively according to one’s way of thinking.

   In the meanwhile as we expect to ring in 2019, I shall know that I did my blog duty to shrill my dismay, nevertheless, to one all a better new year.