Sunday, May 15, 2022

Words and Meanings AND what some claim about the Department of National Security's "Ministry of Disinformation"

Some say the following is a far out conspiracy theory untruth. 

What if it's no joke, and this is not an unauthorized chapter adapted from George Orwell's novel 1984?  Are we entering the era of "words" used to "investigate" you? Can you expect the FBI to establish a file on you, and every "word" you've ever used can be codified in case against you, leading to a grand jury appointed to establish your guilt?Can you expect the government, under the behest of the Attorney General of this current administration to try you in a district court and keep you in jail until the trial even if it is a year or more after charges have been filed?


There are other similar circumstance narratives of questions to ponder.

Think January 6th "insurrection when your "words" are labeled as "disinformation."

In June of 2022, you'll find out from the Congressional hearing, how the "prisoners" have been in isolation for months, because their trials have not taken place for the January 6th insurrection that took in 2020.


Just in case of the worst scenario.

How can you prevent your "words" from being used against you?

If you've given an interview or talked to your "friends" about your "opinions" expect the FBI will find out what you said to your "friends."  If you've presented your view on your social media beware, your words will be used in a grand jury convened to indict you. 

The trouble is, "we, you" don't know what "words" are being codified by the Department of National Security's Ministry of Disinformation, because if you don't have any opinions that you've expressed in any form, then it may be some particular words you have used that can indicate "disinformation."

According to a professor who is advising the Chinese People's Republic, it's a matter of English grammar and syntax of words used in sentences.  Although, my search on the "Internet" has found actual words, like bacteria and disinfectant, therefore I advise you not to talk about any disease or the current pandemic in any way to anyone.

I would also advise being aware of this current administration's policy initiatives, and take heed of the words used to promote the policy, don't use those words to diminish it.  Better yet, don't use those words, any of those words may be used against you.

Lastly, if the FBI or the Ministry of Disinformation contacts you tell them you are invoking the 5th Amendment.