Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The meaning of the words "Play By the Rules" has been redefined

In 2024 and beyond the US may be a 1-party rule country because the words "play by the rules" are misunderstood by the Republicans, who are as usual preparing for voting on election day, November 8, but the GOP doesn't realize the meaning of those words have been redefined.
My research has revealed the redefined definition of the words "play by the rules."  
In all states now both Democrats and Republicans prefer voting by "absentee ballot" and the earlier the better.  "Early voting" begins in some states some 3 months prior to November 8, and in most states at least 1 month prior to November 8.   
The Democrats redefined the words "play by the rules." And the way most Americans now prefer to vote  is by "absentee ballot."  To make sure that the "absentee ballot" is received before November 8, most Americans send their "absentee ballot" out as soon as they get it.  Many states are now sending "absentee ballots" to everyone listed on their voting list.  If some states have not bothered to cull their voters listed even dead people are getting ballots.  If a state doesn't require an ID, then someone who is at the address of the dead person can send in the ballot with the name of the dead person.    
Currently only the Democrat candidates running for political office thoroughly understand the redefined words "play by the rules."  
Unless the Republican candidates for political office are aware that the words "play by the rules" have been redefined, in 2024 and beyond the US is headed for 1 ruling political  party rule. 


Friday, October 21, 2022

The 21st century meaning of the word "slouching"

It seems that in the 21st century the definition of "slouching" is offered not as a word, but in the "social" power of language, and in this era, the "slouching" meaning is centered on an individual's "posture." 
Are you wondering whether the words we use are changed, or adapted by some unseen power that wants to shape the way the world is viewed?  I found the Stanford University article, which I have listed, that actually discusses why language is undergoing a structural change.  And the title states the "why" succinctly, "the-power-of-language."  
Is it possible that without our knowledge  the power of language is unleashed by the education establishment?

 All of the above should be in mind  if you live in the USA.

The nations worldwide guard their cultural with language, there are no changes, only in the USA do we let our "betters" decide how we change our words to benefit those who seek to control "the power of language."












Sunday, September 25, 2022

What does the word ID short for identity mean?

The increasingly complicated 21st century world existence makes it imperative that everyone knows what the ID/identity means and about the importance of proving who we are.  In this post of Words & Meanings, the meaning of the word ID short for identify is part of the many ways our ID/identity matters.  
No longer do we live in a simple society, wherever we live or plan to go, or need to relocate to, the ID/identity we have proves who we are.   
Wherever we were when we were born has given us an identify of some sort. Although in unsettled countries, often ID/identity may have not have the usual form the major nations of the world use.  In the USA when we go to school, our parents will need to show our ID/identity with a birth certificate.  If children come from another country without proof of ID/identity, then the parents will need to abide by the rules of the local school's Board of Education.  It's up to the Board to  make some form of exception to the birth certificate ID/identity.  
From the date of birth, you can't be you without your ID/identity.  Now people may have a choice to amend what it says re gender or parental origins.  Although in this 21st century the USA and some other nations are examining ways to do this, depending on where you live those changes may or may not yet be possible.
What is the importance of your ID/identity? 
To travel the world, or even in your local neighborhood, you need your ID/identity. Without that proof, you can't live in this 21st century world.  More importantly to maintain living in our 21st century digital world you must have a "valid ID/identity." The many laws passed by the Federal government, especially "The Patriot Act" entail having a "valid ID/identity" to do your banking.  You need a social security number to work in the USA.  Even if working illegally, some form of Id/identity is necessary.  There is no way anyone can exist with an ID/identity.  Even someone who lives in a tent and is homeless will eventually need proof of who they are.  
Your birth certificate may be difficult to obtain.  There are various other forms of ID/identity that are often acceptable.  All depending on the "decider" who wants to know who you are.  f you don’t have one, you will have ask how you can comply.  Whatever is important to you, at some point you will need to prove you are you, whether you like it or not.  This is the result of the advances in technology and the complicated global world we live in. 
As for voting, the Board of Elections is the "decider" about what they need to prove you are you.  The USA is "alone" among all the nations of the world when it comes to proving who are to vote isn't necessary.  For the past decade one political party's political advantage has become a mantra to eliminate any form of ID to vote.  The voting process is in their playbook, depending on where you live you may be where proving you are you isn't necessary to vote.