Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Does the word "rule" usually in the plural rule in success?


The noun, "rule" is an important word in any endeavor you attempt.

As you know if you read this blog on an irregular basis, I ask questions in the search engine slot, my search engine uses Google.

There are always "rules" to do whatever you attempt successfully, in obtaining a license in real estate, or politics, the rules matter, winning or losing to the rule makers, but who gets to make the rules? 
I attempted to find out using my search engine, and the results were mostly the same insofar as there were no "opposite" viewpoints, because the "process of rule making" is for the rule makers who are in the "power structure" of the entity, organization, or political party, they decide if you succeed, and you have play by their rules. 
Taking to the courts is time consuming, and winning depends on the certain ways of following the rules, and insofar as success, succeeding depends on how you do that too. 

If you want to be a hairdresser your state, there are tests, the "rule" is an equivalent to the tests to determine your competence and usually passing the tests allows you to have a license.  If you want to drive, you need to get a license. 

Knowing the "rule" successfully achieves your goal.  

If you are running for office and want to win, you need to find out what the political party in charge does to win.  If you know they win by doing certain things, those "certain things" are the "rules."  
Some say winning in politics is the ultimate success, there is nothing written out, it's up to the party that lost to figure out how to do the same thing as the party that won.  For instance, winning isn't only based on running a certain kind of campaign.  You need to figure out what they did to win, but within the scope of the party in power's defining "legality."  And keep in mind, nothing is illegal if you work within the legalities that the party in power uses to win, the legalities are based on that pesky word "rule" often in the plural, too. 
Summing up, winning means succeeding by knowing the "rule."
Sometimes thinking "out of the box" of the "rule" can mean success, but if you don't know the "rule" for success at whatever you want to do, then don't expect to be a success.