Thursday, April 24, 2014

A new version of the word journalist has a second word preface

It used to be that a "journalist" for a reputable newspaper reported the unbiased news, but now the online Merrium Webster dictionary notes that a "journalist is a writer or editor for a news medium" and also "a writer who aims at a mass audience."

And sadly, now the "unbiased" print reporting "journalist" is vanished and other than the PBS news reports that touts as 'unbiased" the preface word to "journalist" is now either "new journalist" or "advocacy journalist."  And both are featuring "subjective" responses to people and events, but the "new journalist" uses fictional techniques to put across a point of view. 

Though now that the "editorial page" has intruded via the "advocacy journalist" there is now the Pulitzer prize that has gone to the "advocacy journalist" Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras the documentary film maker who made Edward Snowden a hero, and made NSA a villain who spies on everyone—they are railing against the US government violating our privacy, but they aren't US citizens just critics, and they are ADVOCATES OF A POINT OF VIEW, which is not referred to in the "PUBLIC SERVICE" category winners:   THE GUARDIAN and THE WASHINGTON POST.

This so called "public service" Pulitzer category touts Edward Snowden who stole the NASA files and now hides behind Vladimir Putin the chief protector of privacy in Russia—even the Silicon valley BTO's grant accolades for this theft of NASA secrets, and like THE NEW YORK TIMES which put in an Editorial that calls for Snowden to be given a "home free pass" back to the USA because he labeled NASA a privacy culprit, SNOWDEN THE HERO REIGNS SUPREME.

FYI:  Oddly, Google has recently admitted that all g-mails are inspected for advertisement placement, but then I doubt that a company like Google would hire an obvious drifter like Snowden who never stayed at a company long enough, ONLY NASA would hire the contractors of contractors who get the high security clearances they aren't entitled to.

And back to that now changed word "journalist" which still leaves open to conjecture what a journalist may investigate and uncover that is supposedly unbiased—it now seems that in this 21st century truth is fiction and the Emperor wears no clothes.