Sunday, August 19, 2018

Logic and sway

   For the first time in my life, I am questioning my ability to see issues logically.
   I will be traveling internationally in a few weeks, and I am wondering if the US of A’s 2018 discourse meltdown has influenced the international norms of logic to sway other individuals to change their POV.

   Yet, I know that in this US of A’s era of no truth, and just POV, the answer isn’t with me, it’s with a preponderance of journalism that became less of reporting and more of a particular opinion propped up with selective often anonymous sources.
   In most western nations there isn’t a complete “so-called 1st amendment protection” comparable to what the US of A has instituted during this last decade.
   Having lived overseas in the most Western of nations, I know from personal experience that government won’t allow reporting of events that could be considered as prejudicing against one particular religion, and might bring civil unrest.
    Most western nations don’t allow reporting of a divisive event unless it can be proven without a doubt that the motive was deleterious to the national good.

   So where does that leave me, as a citizen of the US of A?
   I have not let myself be dissuaded from using the norms that I was taught to use when I went to college, and did discovered that a POV must be based on a logical argument, that is, if I want to sway others.
   What I have discovered is that I no longer want to sway someone’s POV.
   Instead, I keep my opinions to myself, unless I am in a comfortable space with others where I can safely disagree after I listen to their POV, just like they have courteously listened to mine.

   Otherwise, the US of A will become what the philosopher David Hume determined as an  outcome of “cause and effect.
   For me the politically correct “every man/woman/LGBT” worst nightmare can be war in the streets of the US of A with another “Sacco & Venzitti” wrongful execution not in the courts, but by warlike groups who claim they are the fighters against intolerance.