Wednesday, August 16, 2023

In 2023 the words "change" and "rule" have significant importance


There should be no doubt that the word "change" has a special meaning when this word is considered in "the name of climate change."  Especially when it is clear that "change" will make something completely different from what it was before "change" took place.

This is why this word "change" is important to the context of "climate change."
Yet the word "change" doesn't refer to what kind of "change," other than the "change will be different than what it was before."
The meaning of the word "change" suggests a puzzle of some sort must be solved.
Perhaps, that's why the word " change" was selected by the UN in 1992 and added to the subject of climate and a treaty was signed by 192 nations worldwide.
The other important word "rule" as it defined can be a "prescribed conduct."
And although a court ordered "rule" has specific text and guidelines, nonetheless, "rule" when considered in context with "climate change" has the US EPA enacting certain "rules" as defined to effect the climate. 
It is suggested the word "rule" offers a "solution."
The word "rule" also is "an accepted principle of instruction" that tells you want you can and cannot do.
In the context of "climate change" a "rule" has the effect to "prescribe" a solution.
Moreover, the EPA 2023 rules regarding "climate change" will afford a way to predetermine for the year 2023 and beyond, the problems that relate to the globe's  climate change."
However, as to whether the words "change" and "rule" will be the solution to the avoidence that leaders say will protect the planet, is in my opinion, is anyone's best guess.