Friday, March 25, 2022

The POV 2022 version of the words "man" and "woman"

In my high school biology class I was clearly informed about all the things that make a man a man & similarly all the things that make a woman a woman.
Yet when I searched the internet using "Google search" I found  the current dictionary meanings for a man.  And then using "Google search" I found an unidentified as to where or who provided the answer to the question and reply as follows:  "What is the true definition of a man?"  
Here is the answer "1 : an adult male human being. 2 : a human being : person. 3 : the human race : mankind. 4 : husband entry 1 I now pronounce you man and wife. 5 : an adult male servant or employee.   
Similarly, with "Google search" an unidentified answer to this question:   "What makes a man a man?"  
And this is the answer:  "It has to do with being there for someone, offering loyalty and support, being a good friend to both men and women. Having a sense of humour and perspective on life are really important too. Men are simple creatures and are basically interested in three things: relaxation, sex and achievement."
As well, I used "Google search" for a straight forward listing determining a man biologically, instead I found this question: "What is male in biology?"  
This is the short biologically determined answer:  "Male (symbol: ) is the sex of an organism that produces the gamete (sex cell) known as sperm, which fuses with the larger female gamete, or ovum, in the process of fertilization.
 It seems that as early as 2018, the conception of the word man was being questioned by one particular group with an interest in altering the biological conceptions that are defining the word and the basis for the word "man." And now Wikipedia presents one listing for what used to be a biolo0gical explanation for the word "man" plus another for the use of the word.  
For some reason the current controversy over the word "man" was not apparent in  Wikipedia's thorough explanation of the word "woman."    
Nonetheless, the candidate for the Supreme Court nominated by the Biden administration, was queried as  follows by Senator Marsha Blackburn: "Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?’" the senator asked. 
"Can I provide a definition? No," Jackson responded. "I can't."   
Then Senator Blackburn asked "You can't?  
 The Judge replied, "Not in this context, I'm not a biologist."  
My research on the internet was dominated by Google, but I ask the readers of this blog to determine if the POV  of the words "man  & woman" do prevail in 2022.