Tuesday, January 9, 2024

What is the meaning of the noun/verb/adjective word "mirror"?

     In this 21st century, the exploration of the often many ways words are used in a sentence can also reflect how words and meanings are a contributor to points of view.
    The word "mirror" is a noun, and thus one of those all important words, that in the 21st century can be an auxiliary to a point of view.  For example, with a slight departure from my other research sources who say the word "mirror" is just a "noun," Collins Dictionary, says a mirror is actually made of something, i.e. " a smooth surface that reflects the images of objects; esp., a piece of glass coated on the reverse side as with silver or an amalgam
     And as well, "the word "mirror" is a transitive verb" too:  "...to reflect, as in a mirror; give or show a likeness of..." and "... to mimic or imitate (something) accurate..."   Nonetheless, the Collins Dictionary notice that the word "mirror" is a "countable noun" suggests the word "mirror" can also be a vehicle of sorts for differing points of view.
     Another one of my research sources, Dictionary.com lists this word as an adjective too, mainly as a "cannon or fugue played in retrograde or inversion as though read in a mirror placed below or beside the music," which suggests that the word "mirror" has other kinds of "reflections."
     Thus, the word "mirror" is an adjunct of sorts to whatever the word is paired with, and is a 21st century word that has dual uses, but this word isn't yet used to express a currently impactful event, however, as 2024 progresses and the world lurches toward even more division of thought and purpose, I suspect usage will be a regular aspect of reporting about the past and how it reflects on the present.



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