Sunday, July 6, 2014

a word emotional and significant + more

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The word bench has more than one significance, it also has an emotional connotation, as well a bench seats a certain kind of humanity who are often engaged, though they can be unengaged in what some do but there is a purpose for the bench in a certain kind of place.

There is bench law in a court where a judge sits.

And the bench can also be a ranking for a judge, yet this same word means a thwart in a boat, plus a bench is a seat where athletic members of a team sit but also for the reserve members of the team, and a place where justice is administrated.

Bench is a descriptive word as can be discerned from all of the above.

The significance is broadened with a mention of the office and thus the dignity of the person occupying the office, then bench can be a worktable that is longer, as well, a compartment platform with certain connotations that may be a place for domesticated animals.

I was encouraged to set down all of the above when a very pleasant man in my apartment building passed away, but I know that to him and to those who still use that bench in front of my apartment building, the bench is where companionship takes place among sometimes dissimilar souls who find their humanity by sharing their stories, as this does comes about in a public space put aside like a park or added to the landscaping of architecture, to signify that this is a place where an emotional connection can come about, either by choice or chance.

Words do have meanings that are not always obvious, but all words are part of the human alphabet of language that sets us apart from other species and celebrates our humanness.


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