Saturday, July 15, 2017

ethos values parables beliefs: ERA

Time and place determines how words and meanings effect events and slant opinions.

   The “era” of “parables” mythologizing national “ethos” is upon us.     
   Before this era of terror no stories were told in connection with the noun word “belief” or the noun word “values.”
   It used to be that the noun word “beliefs” indicated religious affiliation, and those with like “values” congregated together in the same social circle.
   At one time both the national and international media published stories about some of the “values” social circles that celebrated their wealth.
   Back then, mostly US media published stories about religious groups citing themes about “beliefs” that made national news. 

   Now during moments of terrorist inspired attacks, the noun word “values” binds the leaders of the Western world in the Eurozone.
   During the recent London Bridge atrocity, Prime Minister May utilized national “ethos” to cite “parables” about “values” and “beliefs” that bring everyone together.        
   However, the “globalism” of a world intertwined by a variety of “values” and “beliefs” are bringing cultural shift splits in the “values” that bind the Eurozone Western collective espousing open free borders.

   In the USA the “parable” of “values” is assigned to politicians who tell stories of what the “ethos” of America is all about.
   Even the Johnny come lately POTUS 45 used the “values ethos” to “parable” for his recent speech to the Polish people.

   In 2017 the use of “values” and “beliefs” can legitimize a politically inspired solution to invalidate the US 2016 election.
   Those who hunt for “parables” to tell stories now use the “ethos” of America to tell the “values parable” for the purpose of finding corroborating evidence. 
   And for the purpose of determining whether “treason” or “collusion” has a “beliefs parable,” now the political party that lost the 2016 election claims impeachment is applicable for taking down a lawfully elected POTUS.


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