Friday, December 29, 2017

A bottom word: detritus

   Here’s what half of us may believe we have come to when measuring the quality of life.
   There are some words that describe the lowest level when applied to any situation, and even trends can be bottom leveled by using the word detritus as a reference.
   Some could say that a 21st century cultural detritus calls up the bottom shock level for mention in The New York Times “Arts Section”  by those erudite always favorable critic commentaries about the latest Broadway plays and movies and the arts scene.
   The problem with using a bottom word for reference is that in every context there is a derisive connotation attached.
   For example, some say our newest POTUS is lowering the discourse to a detritus level unseen in any of our Presidents.
   On the other hand, it could be said that the detritus level of contempt and ridicule heaped on our current POTUS is at a bottom level unseen since the time of Andrew Jackson, whose wife when compared to a harlot made that duel fighting POTUS willing to challenge all who attacked her.
   The main stream media continues to deride POTUS 45 for employing Twitter to throw a detritus deluge at those who attack him and his policies.
   It seems like a rock detritus bottom is reached whenever any meaningful attempt to bridge the gaps in our level of discourse is undertaken and there is no place to find the commonality we need to bring our nation back to a higher level of achievement.

   It may be that when historians quantify and rate the 21st century, rather than high level advances, the mining of the rubble worst of humanity applies to the detritus of every aspect of global life when it comes to measure the quality of life. 

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