Tuesday, April 26, 2022

In this 21st century Are the definitions of certain words and meanings repurposed to reflect a political ideology effected by the public education system?


Consider this post a parental "Paul Revere" alert.

There is no doubt Paul Revere embarked on his "famous ride" but in many ways prior to that ride, he was a prolific writer of what the Crown of England referred to as "subversive" "pamphlets"  to effect freedom for the colonies, and Paul Revere embarked on his famous "ride" to inform the populace who were pro-freedom, about one fact:  "The English are coming!"

Our great nation was founded on the belief that we have certain inalienable rights, etc., etc.. 

These are words used as tools to indicate that the new nation is formed of "like minded" freedom loving patriots willing to fight for their "freedoms." 

Nonetheless, what is to prevent the use of words to state something else which is divisive?


Just the knowledge that words are manipulative tools to "change" and "control" minds, but when the reason is not to alert similar minds about an oncoming disaster, a change in the dictionary definitions of specific words does affect the students who are in school today.

Regardless of political beliefs students are unknowing guinea pigs for "mind control" effected in a way that can defy and confound the foundation of our nation's freedoms.  

I've always believed the judicious use of words are tools of power, and the only method to convert someone to believe in something is important enough to fight for, in the 21st century is referred to as "mind control," or  what was in the revolutionary times known as a "pamphlet"  


There is another way.

Authoritarian powers start out with redefining words and using words to quell the effects of an unpopular event that is due to the current governmental policy.

The key to understanding what is being done with "redefined" words is to depend on what you know and to pass this use of logic on to your children.

For instance the genetics of human beings can't be changed by medical intervention, although genetics are being used to help cancer victims erase the disease that attacks their T cells, a biological fact that can be verified.

And you can tell your children to depend on what logically applies to words used in simple sentences that isn't contrived to illustrate a 21st century redefined word that has been re-engineered for a particular purpose.

Most importantly ask your children what they are learning in school, and you must determine if you believe your children are learning how to achieve and survive in this 21st century.





























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