Tuesday, September 12, 2023

In the 21st century the meaning of the word "philosophical" leads to the word philosophy

     The attention to the word "philosophy" is what attaches to the "all" of our 21st century culture, and the fact that the essence of the definition of "philosophy" is used in conjunction with a desirable outcome to express wisdom, gives the correct definition to whatever is the desired outcome.
     Of course the word "philosophy" embodies the best of the "philosophical" approaches to define the outcome that is expected to be the accepted norm.
     Oddly, definitions are what had interested the greatest minds for many centuries, and whatever the definition, a "philosophical" intent can be attached to the conceptual outcome, which connotes wisdom beyond all other things, however, there is an all encompassing special meaning to a definition that has a specified wisdom to impart whenever that particular word is used in a philosophical context.
     Nonetheless, the noun word "philosophy" can define a separate entity in itself.
     Thus, there is a "philosophy" of science, for instance, or pick any particular basic field in itself, whatever it is, there is a "philosophy" with a "philosophical" approach to define wisdom in that field of study.
     And the noun "philosophy" contributes to much of what the 21st century cultural foundation is all about.
     My research has determined that I must keep the noun "philosophy" in mind whenever I access the currently accepted direction of where a country and its leaders are leading.

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