Sunday, April 28, 2024

The many meanings of "absolutism"

     According to Wikipedia, the definition of "absolutism" also refers to "...Sovereignty..." and in international law, that is the exercise of power by the state, which can "...generally be defined as supreme authority within the state..." with "...ultimate authority over other people to establish a law or change existing laws..." identifies "absolutism" as a noun word with "...advocacy or a rule with absolute standards or principles..." which essentially indicates that this "noun" word refers to the "...sovereignty..." defined in the first paragraph of this April wordsplusmeanings blogspot.
     As well, Wikipedia has coupled "absolutism" with "...moral absolutism..." assigning this term to a philosophic ethic that suggests "...absolute standards under which moral standards can be judged, regardless of context..."
     However, defines "absolutism" as "...a political system in which a single ruler, group, or political party has complete power over a county..."
     As is indicated by my research, the noun word "absolutism" has many meanings, also the context assigned to this noun word has a pertinent significance to defining the current administration's political opponent, Donald Trump, who represents the antithesis of every principle they espouse.

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