Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Word is Ringmaster

   This word “ringmaster” is defined as a noun: *the person in charge of performances in a circus ring, or, one in charge of the performances (as of horses) within the ring in a circus. Also referenced: “Ringmaster is the name of two characters in Marvel Comics—*The best known Ringmaster in the Marvel Universe is Maynard Tiboldt who debuted in Hulk #3).”
   “Ringmaster” sets the “circus” pace.
   The tone of “ringmaster” embodies “in charge control”  of the “circus” ring.
   An audience is at the circus for the “performance.”
   This “circus” rolled out by POSTER “ringmasters” has great opposition from “minor performers” chasing STAR status.

The most volatile centuries produced explosive POTUS ringmasters.

   **Andrew Jackson seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837 sought to act as direct representative for the common man. ***Some claim seventh POTUS “a rich man who bragged and invited scorn.” Yet seventh POTUS elected for specific performance set the fast pace for change.  Beginning with the Inauguration the “common man” held sway at the White House. Detractors of seventh POTUS cited: trashed premises of the nation’s house: a POTUS out of control.
   Teddy Roosevelt multi-faceted soldier and adventurer on the cusp of the two centuries 18th and 19th cooperated with Hearst “yellow journalist” inspired Spanish American war—the entranced public turned adventurer/soldier to beloved POTUS 24 reformer. And “Hearst” used “fake news” versus Teddy’s  public good reforms.
   In an era replete with diamonds and glitter plus Zigfield’s luscious follies came POTUS 32 Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected by Hearst newspapers.  The dizzying 200 days of POTUS 32 directives turned  ****Hearst” into opposition party” 4-year nemesis aligned with balk turned Congress—spur for furious 32 POTUS “packing” SCOTUS for change result: temporary defeat of 32 POTUS to make change.

In 2017 45th POTUS “ringmaster” embodies all aspects of the noun, and some say include all aspects of a “Marvel” created universe. 

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