Sunday, April 16, 2017

An insouciant Palimpsest

Are we in the midst of insouciant Palimpsest journalism worse than any previous time?

   When journalists turned the focus on the Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt fighting as a lead to war the reporting of news was the insouciant *yellow journalism."
   Teddy Roosevelt’s Cuban adventure was an era when journalists espoused the most fulsome of palimpsest meanderings and no longer aimed to report the news.
   In this 21st century once again we have a cadre of journalists happy to enhance and twist the news by essentially emphasizing certain details for a particular point of view.  
   The resulting full circle becomes in 2017 another casual twist of meaning when a "journalist" is claiming to report news and also has a "political" agenda.
  This is a nation who elected a populist with an “America First” agenda yet the nation's major print newspapers and the 3 major TV media have journalists who are reporting a Palimpsest bicoastal.
   Some now call the "third arm" of government, the “journalist.”

   Yet whenever journalism is used to make a story, rather than report news, it is against the original intent of what they say makes them the "protector" of democracy.
   The reason why journalists are protected by the constitution is to report truth to fiction.
   What kind of journalist takes on the "enemy" of their version of democracy? 
   Does the public want an insouciant Palimpsest journalism which solely defines a USA bicoastal political persuasion?

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