Sunday, April 30, 2017

Conative words

   Conative words can be joined to bring about a desired result.
   At the University of California Berkley known as the bastion of “free speech” rallies are around the word “fascist” for a “protest” that destroys the very process of the Constitution’s First Amendment that guarantees the conative joined words “free speech.”
   Angry students enrolled at this once “bastion” of “free speech” refused to allow the “fascists” to give their “speech.”
   So far 2 speakers invited by the University’s Conservative Group were the victims of a “protest” against “fascists.”

   However, the so-called “plague” that besieged Salem in 1692 was also accusatory.
   The Salem 1692 trials were fueled with conative words “devil” and “witch” and produced a desired result by plying the word “witch” to bring about the public trial.
   In the day of Salem 1692, according to Stacy Schiff author of The Witches Salem 1692 “plain-speaking John Procter would discover, to pry open a padlocked mind” during an era of enlightened learning and the pioneering inoculation against smallpox, but they were believers in the occult.

What’s different today?

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