Sunday, June 4, 2017

Contextual words integration and assimilation are enjoiners

In 2017 there is an international debate about the contextual words, immigration and assimilation enjoined with multiculturalism.

   Assimilation in the historical context is different depending on the country involved, but in the year 2017 those who want a world of multiculturalism say assimilation propagates a nationalist agenda.
   Some say the history of Europe is a story of assimilation and wars fought started with nationalist agendas based on economics.
   The word integration has a historical text particularly in the United States during the fight for civil rights initiated by the black population subjected to slavery and then no ability to enjoy the rights of all Americans, to include education.
   As well, when integration is contextualized, the context enjoins immigration plus how a country does absorb different cultures and beliefs.

All of the above depends on interpretation.

   In the 21st century, some say assimilation is no longer relevant in Western society because immigration is no longer primarily Judeo-Christian, as well, in other civilized societies any immigration is among the same religious groups or ethnicities.
   If assimilation is no longer considered relevant, the interpretation of integration precludes multi-existence, though some believe integration must allow for tolerance of different beliefs tempered by laws enacted in the host country which can allow for a variety of cultural differences.
   There are others who believe the bridge between assimilation and integration is multiculturalism.
   If assimilation is an irrelevant nationalist goal, and integration has not successfully melded with immigration, then is multiculturalism the bridge of a globalist society of continent based countries, where a world of religion, tribal affiliations, even customs are relevant only when tempered with world-wide based corporate goals based on profit and mergers?
Now, when the world is threatened by terrorists who are in our midst,  a contextual “assimilation” and “integration” are words enjoined and important in the debate that may determine whether civilized society will exist in the 22nd century.

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