Monday, October 2, 2017

The MacGuffin barogue: it’s our 21st century

   Every day it seems that the times we live in are not real.
   To wake up and find that life is now in the hands of some force that seems almost Hitchcock directed.
   This *MacGuffin of unimagined proportions does not provide any certainty that it will be possible to go back to other times.
   No longer can we count on shared tranquility.
   Mass shootings, terror in the streets is my daily wakeup.
   This “MacGuffin” world we all live in appears more like a *”plot device in the form of some goal.”
   *” The plot is not the object itself, but rather its effect on the characters and their motivations,” but what I find as I open my eyes is no more a humanity that joins all of us.
   Where is the joining together as one to applaud family and loved ones?

   POTUS tells us acts of “pure evil” will one day be banished, we can only hope it comes in our lifetime.  

   For now my world and perhaps yours captures **”the dramatic style of Baroque art and architecture as a means of impressing visitors by projecting triumph, power, and control,” depending on any perpetrator who suddenly decides to direct what occurs.
   Powerful forces seize the unpredictable “MacGuffin” as a channel to herd the masses into some motivated compliance.
   Much as you, I am puzzled and cannot explain the way of storms unknown before to suddenly devastate once peaceful enclaves.
   I seek to drown out the shouting political sides who are certain they know what’s best for me and you, I want some closure for this “MacGuffin” world.
   Yet the **“barogue” of others using their celebrity to advise is what dogs me.

   Please, please, let’s get back to what it once was, let’s rejoin our humanity to love each other in ways that make the arts and team sports where we can find our solace. 


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