Friday, February 2, 2018

Why the sagacious don’t use priapic or scrofulous

   It’s ironic that I’ve chosen to blog about words and meanings.
   I remember that whenever I asked my father the meaning of a word I wasn’t familiar with he always refused to tell me, instead he said, “Look it up in the dictionary.”
   Using the dictionary was definitely too much trouble, and I only did it grudgingly if I was working on a school assignment.
   Yet today, with the advent of the Internet, it’s almost fun to use the search engine of my choice to find out about why the sagacious, meaning reference to intelligent and discerning, never use the words priapic or scrofulous.

   After I looked up the words sagacious, priapic, scrofulous, I realized that in today’s political climate of scurrilous accusations against a sitting President, the so-called celebrities, and those sagacious members of the media never use priapic or scrofulous to describe the current President of the United States.
   In place of priapic or scrofulous the political class continues to deride this sitting President by using the political whistle words I referred to in my most recent “Words and Meanings” blog,and most frequently the word racist.
   And during the 2016 Presidential campaign, when NBC released a long held Access Hollywood promotional tape from over 10 years previous, the most sagacious media used the words, vulgar, lewd, abusive, womanizer.
   If the most sagacious celebrities plus those in the main stream media now label POTUS 45 with the word scrofulous, meaning immoral, the voters they are seeking to influence won’t bother to look up words in the dictionary, but they will use the scrofulous word.
   The word priapic, the meaning intent refers to male sexual activity and interests, would be a sagacious choice to use in derision when describing the current GOP President by the former Democratic opposition candidate, but that's not in Mrs. Clinton’s interest, considering the almost impeachment of her husband for moral turpitude.
I think it’s reasonable to conclude that the sagacious among us who intend to influence others want to use simplistic words, because their followers are like children, too lazy to use the dictionary to look up words they don’t know.

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