Sunday, February 25, 2018

Descriptive words for the 21st century

   It’s possible to pick less known and used words to negatively describe the global world we now live in.  
   For instance, I believe the early 21st century is similar to other past centuries, but the difference is how the opposite sides of the political spectrum are using more sophisticated Juvenalian satire to besmirch the other side.
   Perhaps as never before, one side of the argument, whatever it is about, has enlisted the main street media cheering on with the protection of the 1st amendment gin up sometimes violent confrontations in states primarily filled with enough people to fill the protests that attract the major main stream media.
    Another descriptive word to perfectly describe this 21st century from day one to now is entropy
   Some see a lack of order and predictability in a number of formerly connected communities when inundated with huge numbers of so-called persons of “diversity.”
    Some say an ever growing disorder comes when too many diverse dissimilar ethnicities and non-Western religious practices fuel entropy in a formerly cohesively connected community.
   If those with different cultures and non-Western traditional religions are resettled in the civilized Western nations and expect to continue their practices just as they did in the past, their presence can contribute to entropy in the formerly cohesive communities where they are resettled.
   Some think more so than in any other century, the negative of 21st century life prevails when inflammatory descriptive words like racist and fascist fill the second by second needs of the main stream media’s need to attract viewers and clicks for a growing number of news sites.

   Many believe life in the USA of this 21st century seems more about ethnicity and connection to the nation where our ancestors were born.
   Others have noticed that any connection to the nation levying taxes and granting a passport in order to travel to other countries is secondary.
   Even flying the flag of the country of an immigrant living in the USA seems to be the new normal.
   For example, the Trinidadian, a person whose ethnicity practices identifies them as from Trinidad is expected to be more connected to their ethnicity than the nation where they live.

   Those persons we elect to the congress are supposed to possess the intelligence and serious consideration, in other words the gravitas, to make the laws that govern us.
   Some are convinced that if representatives to the US congress are promoting a policy of not obeying the current immigration laws, the gravitas practiced in this USA 21st century emphasizes and intensifies a deliberate separation from the laws that are supposed to govern us.
   Politicians who are supposed to possess gravitas will not find any of their own to pass a law requiring persons living in this country to speak English when accepting Federal, State and Local public services.
   Currently, every phone call to a federal government agency and most US major retail businesses listed on line requires the pressing of 1 or 2 to signify either Spanish or English.
   Many communities employ translators in public schools to teach all courses in a variety of languages, though mainly Spanish is the language of school board choice.  

   I encourage you to pick your own descriptive word to either negatively or positively describe our current 21st century global condition. 

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