Thursday, July 26, 2018

USA 2018 midterm and shibboleths

   The fate of a nation and the shibboleth in 2018 has no relation to the shibboleth word definition in the dictionary.
   As has happened perhaps more in the 21st century, dictionary definitions that are dependent on words have new meanings.
   Some might say dictionary definitions have been corrupted to the benefit of political power behemoths with long term goals in mind planned and executed well before the march for the USA’s politically inspired “grand society.”
   Some others will say that the grand theory has shaped the structure and composition of what is the USA as a nation.
   According to Wikipedia this notion of some society grand is an integral part of the tug of globalism versus nationalism.
   Little is said of what may really be at stake is available in open source reporting by the mainstream media or the array of partisan political side web outlets.
   Overseas, in the sacred territory of the European Union there are fissions to the grand theory.
  The most recent elections among certain European Union members who have the same Euro currency have indicated a disagreement by voters who used the ballot to express a certain direction.

   Whatever the 2018 USA voters determine in the midterms is more disconnected from a political side or the idea of breaking the norms than voters realize.
   Educated USA voters may be hard pressed to find a ballot box choice that will escape the mainstream media punditry of spin.

   It seems to me the best alternative is to find bloggers and others who may be judged to
have a dubious influence platform.
  If voters read and consider opinions expressed as talking points, in addition to the headlines claiming the stock and trade of political parties, the USA voters will make their decision and the fate of the nation will come of it. 

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