Wednesday, August 4, 2021

COVID-19 forever plus the word "benefit" and the words "unintended consequences"


In this uncertain 21st century of pandemics and claims of climate change disasters that some say will make our future on this planet a hell without an immediate conversion to non-fossil means of powering our industries and immediate changes to the way we live and eat, the idea that a "benefit" is something good is what most of us believe.
           Consider that perhaps we believe a "benefit" is  good because the dictionary definition has taught us to recognize this word when we see it applied to government.   
           In the USA, the Federal government uses the word "benefit" frequently when describing the Federal government's means of paying citizens for a variety of things, starting with Social Security for instance, or Medicaid, or  Medicare or some kind of "health care" offering to citizens in certain categories.   
          The word "benefit" is also used by employers to lure employees to join the company.
          However, the words "unintended consequences" are used to describe how a "benefit" can become something else that is "unintended."  
          The questions that only you can answer:

       If these words "benefit" and "unintended consequences" are applied to "COVID-19 forever" specifically to the "benefiters" of "COVID-19 forever," can we conclude that "COVID-19 forever" is now a means of "income" or "additional income" to many?


   And for the current Biden Federal administration is "COVID-19 forever" a good way to guarantee reelection  in 2024 and perpetuity, too?" 

Can we conclude that 1 major political party needs and wants COVID-19 forever for political reasons? 


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