Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a word like "pleasure" can be a measure of sorts…

The "pleasure" as this word indicates can mean a state of gratification, which is something that may be unnecessary to life itself, but nevertheless a source of extreme happiness.

The measuring of this word, "pleasure," can come from what someone does to achieve it, and in this 21st century the "pleasure" principle is paramount in the cultural scheme of things, and depending on an individual's status, someone's "pleasure" can elevate to setting a trend.


I think that what brings about imitation can be to the bad, as then "pleasure" can also mean excess of what is so pleasing, and to accord "pleasure" a paramount in one's life may lead to a result that is the opposite of "pleasure."  A writer of fiction can aptly use "pleasure" as a theme in a story about someone's lifestyle and the extremes that injur those around that person—a non-fiction writer or journalist can use "pleasure," to codify use of this word in their work.

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