Monday, August 12, 2013

this word, "prejudice," is a manipulative one…

The use of this word, "prejudice," belies what may not be an injury or damage from a judgment or action.

Yet "prejudice" can be what may be thought of as an irrational thought and action, as well as a judgment and opinion, which I think sets this word at the top of certain news transmissions by recognized TV channels and newspapers in articles that may depict a subjective use of this word, "prejudice," to incite and inflame emotions. 

I believe a word like "prejudice," connotes more of a meaning by its use in defining impressions, which does make "prejudice" a very 21st century word often cited during the turmoil of events that may take place seemingly haphazardly.  This word "prejudice" connotes a judgment, and if "prejudice" is used in a article that purports to be impartial, then the writer is not setting out a truthful account of what may be a headline grabbing story.  The honest way a journalist uses words can be compared to the safeguards that allow someone accused of a crime to claim Miranda rights.  If a journalist uses the word alleged in the context of prejudice, then be assured that this is a honestly told story of something that has occured and merited the space devoted to telling the tale.

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