Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the "nadir" is a word that indicates…

When "nadir" is set out as a terminology, this word indicates a celestial sphere point that is directly opposite and vertical from an observer.

Though the use of this word, "nadir," is a descriptive of a relationship that has gone from good to bad, and can be downright unpleasant if the "nadir" slides to a bottoming out, even to mean a destruction of what was built, like an industry of some sort.  Yet, a "nadir" can be a way to indicate that something is on the way to extinction.

An example of this word, "nadir," can also be indicative of a diminution to zero, and is best used when a historian wants to indicate what may have occurred at a certain point in history.  The use of "nadir" can be a historian's subjective means of working in a particular slant, or the theme point to the article or book that is being written.  The use of "nadir" can influence the outcome of an account of history that may be inaccurate, yet in reporting about history, a historian takes a point of view, which is permissible as the work is an account of history, which is necessarily subjective.  Whereas, if a a historical account is in a textbook which is studied as part of a school curriculum, the use of "nadir" should be accurate.

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