Monday, August 12, 2013

the word "slant" sounds opinionated…

This word "slant" is about going in a certain direction, the meaning points exactly in that direction, which fits into my idea of the use of writing to bring about a very subjective view of events, which is great when used in a fiction word, but not as a journalistic story by an author who has an agenda. 

The meaning of "slant" extends this meaning which is to turn from a line or level point, and extends to interpretation with a certain or special interest, though can be defined as especially dishonestly distorting almost to the point of what some might believe borders on falsifying, with use of impression or belief underlying what is written, is not journalism. 

Sadly, today what passes for journalism is to abuse words to incorporate this use of "slant" which now in our 21st century world is allowed with impunity—looking up the meaning of words is the best way to protect your impartiality when a volatile subject is in the media spotlight.  Too many stories that make headlines are revved up with explosive subject matter.  Yet when those same words are contained in impartial dictionary, and subject to the light of reality, it can be simple to determine whether or not a headline is the purpose of the story.  And the use of a word that can cause emotions to cloud the truth bring attention to the story, which is an attempt toward creating a "slant."

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