Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"treacly" is more than a descriptive word

The fact that a word like "treacly" is not often used doesn't mean that this word should be put on the dictionary list of unpopular words, "treacly" can be used to mystify the reader of this word when it is used in a sentence.

The meaning of "treacly" can be an uncomplimentary description when "treacly" is applied as a characterization of an individual as this word indicates the mental determination of an individual's attachment to something which may be too sentimental—also, to indicate the quality of something or someone's appearance, but then "treacly" may be mystifyingly obtuse as an indication of what may be less than good.

Though "treacly" is not a popular word, it is definitely on my list of subjective words that are prone to giving a hefty dose of opinion when applied to someone unkindly.  I count this word as a journalist's tendency toward a heavy hand when setting about to frame the emphasis of the article, which would be then about the personality of the person mentioned in the article, which casts an aspersion against this individual. 

A word like "treacly" does have a meaning and can connote what the writer has in mind, and the obscurity of "treacly" points that out to the reader who will certainly be encouraged to look it up.

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