Wednesday, August 14, 2013

this word, "apocryphal" is a dismissive…

The use of the word "apocryphal" is opinion laden when used to identify what may or may not be true, thus this is a 21st century "apocryphal" when applied to a group or a political purpose.

This word when Capitalized is to indicate what may be authoritatively not so as the source of Apocrypha that has an "apocryphal" to point out, and the user of this word, "apocryphal" has an agenda that may be devious and not easily spotted by a questioning reader or listener.

Yet for some reason this word, "apocryphal" is not often used in popular speech, and when it is, this way its used is more scholarly in manner of use, which then indicates someone who is an authority that believes the authenticity of what is termed "apocryphal" is doubtful.

This word "apocryphal" should be used more often by the media, but it isn't due to the uncommonness of a word that few readers will bother to look up in the dictionary, perhaps it is the fact that readers tend to accept the authority of a writer if the writer has a reputation as a columinist, and even more so if it is a journalist writing an article. 

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