Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"compromise" can be a word which appeals…

The effort which the word, "compromise," brings about appeals to the conciliatory among us, and there's nothing wrong with what happens when the meaning of this word is about a shared concession.

Another meaning of the word, "compromise," has to do with melding more than one different thing—but then the word, "compromise" does also bring about a change that may not be to the good of everyone concerned, which is often problematical for those with strong views about a certain issue, which is then a degrading of principles.

 A very subjective view can point to a "compromise," that avoids a consequence.

Nevertheless, "compromise" is not based on a subjective view when a discussion ensues as it comes to using this word, "compromise," as the subject of a journalistic examination of exactly what was done to effect a "compromise."  Though in fiction, an author can take liberties with the way "compromise is used in the plot and theme of the work.

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