Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the use of the word, "tautology," can be teaching…

A teacher could use this word to help a student who is writing a paper that needs correction, as when redlined with the word, "tautology" indicates repetition of a word or a theme.

This word, "tautology" is descriptive too, as anyone who is a beginner at something is a "tautology" which can be unflattering if applied to someone who believes they are experienced.

Yet on the whole "tautology" is not disparaging, just puzzling to anyone who has never used this word in their vocabulary of often used words, which is to indicate a particular thought or opinion.  "Tautology" could be a good word to use when the occasion arises, or when the need is to impress a teacher with a good command of language, and that could inspire a better grade in a course that might be a student's best strength.

I like words that offer a better means of communication and adds to a writer's means to communicate thoughts and themes, the ordinary simple words can be so repetitive, and thus a pertinent example of "tautology."
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